Mt. Ruhama Baptist Church
Monday, October 20, 2014
Impacting our world by sharing His Word in hope of no soul left behind.

Youth Minister

Rev. Thomas Parker Nicholson Jr.
            I was born and raised in Troutman, NC. My Mom became the pianist at Troutman Baptist Church when I was 5 years old so from then on that’s where my mom, dad, 2 younger sisters, and I attended church. The church has had a very positive and influential affect on my life and I believe that’s one of the reasons God’s call in my life to full time ministry has been so clear. I “walked down the isle” when I was 5 years old but all I could remember from that experience was joining the church, so when I was 13 I made sure my faith was secure by asking Christ to come in my heart and be the Lord of my life. 
As I got into my junior and senior year of high school God really allowed my talents in basketball to flourish and I received scholarship offers from several schools. One of those schools was Montreat College, a place that after my visit to the campus, I could feel the presence of Christ all around. It scared me in a way. College was supposed to be my time not God’s time. The thing I had failed to realize about basketball was that God was giving me these talents to glorify his name, not to be selfish and boastful of myself. So while I knew in my heart I was supposed to go to Montreat, I headed to a place where I thought I could get more recognition, Lenoir-Rhyne College. I was miserable the entire time I was there, and this was because I disobeyed God’s direction in my life. Through my selfishness God still led me to Montreat, where I have realized that basketball is no longer just a sport, it’s a platform to share Christ with others. Through basketball I’ve been able to travel from Hawaii to Romania and many places in between to play and share Christ with others. It has also allowed me to spend a lot of time with both young children and youth in situations dealing with athletics and in situations that had nothing to do with sports at all. Through those situations God has opened my heart to have a yearning for young people and to see them come to know Christ and grow in their faith.
       While studying Youth Ministry at Montreat God has not only blessed me with great professors but I’ve been given numerous opportunities to be around youth. Whether it’s going to hang out on Sunday nights with a local youth group, or organizing and conducting a weekend youth retreat, I feel like God has prepared me through my major to serve youth in the church. 
       My wife,Kathryn and I both graduated from Montreat and were married on May 31, 2008. Kathryn is from Mooresville, NC and is a Psychology major. Her love for the Lord and her love and compassion for others is a continuous encouragement in my life. We are both very excited to serve the Lord at Mt. Ruhama.
In Christ,
Rev. Thomas Nicholson